Get in on the GROUNDFLOOR

Help us make private lending public.

Who are we?

We’re giving everyone the opportunity to build wealth with real estate. We all deserve to have access to the same opportunities to build wealth. GROUNDFLOOR is the only platform offering direct participation in individual real estate investments to everyone on a broad scale, regardless of income or net worth. With just $10 at a time, you can take the reins and build your own custom portfolio of private real estate investments that deliver over 10% returns on average.

We’re on a mission for the average investor. Financial markets have long been rigged against individuals in favor of institutions. We’re here to help you take your power back.

We’re opening up private capital markets to the public. For too long, everyday investors have been forced to sit on the sidelines while Wall Street and the elite grow their fortunes through lucrative private market investments such as real estate. We believe it’s time for a change.


Core Values


We are honest and upfront in everything we do. Our vulnerability and true representation of who we are and what we do will help earn the trust of our investors, borrowers and team members.


We intentionally cultivate and welcome a variety of perspectives. Giving people the freedom to express themselves makes us stronger as a company and as individuals. We live in a diverse world and must foster diversity in our thought, beliefs and perspectives.


Our credibility, accountability and vulnerability, factored together over time, will earn the trust of our investors and borrowers. This is critical to our existence and success. Everyone is more productive in an environment of trust.


We must think and understand quickly. Our business model is complex and our ability to anticipate and adapt in rapidly changing environments is critical. Fostering agility requires a particular combination of intellect, humility and self-awareness.


We accept responsibility for our decisions and actions. We set expectations with our customers and try our best to deliver on them. Not every investment we offer will work out as planned, taking accountability opens opportunities and builds trust.


Our commitment is a pledge to all of our stakeholders to do the right thing, act accordingly and responsibly. Commitment, when paired with authenticity and accountability, builds trust. That is as true with customers as it is with coworkers.


Things worth doing don’t come easily. Our ability to persist in the face of difficulties and opposition helps build trust with our customers and morale with our coworkers. To succeed, we have to push through resistance, complexity, criticism and all other forms of impedance.


We are friendly, generous and considerate. We actively look for ways to show that we care about people. Our business can be a tough one. Practicing kindness is one way to protect and enhance brand value.

Perks & Benefits

You work to live, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live a little at work. After all, a happy team is a creative, forward-thinking, passionate, and hard-working team. That’s why at GROUNDFLOOR, we strive to make work as rewarding—and our team members as happy—as possible. Here’s how:

  • Competitive salary
    we know you are valuable
  • Equity
    stock options so you own a piece of our future
  • 401k matching
    so you can invest in your future
  • Health/Dental/Vision Insurance
    you and your family matter
  • Flexible schedules and paid holidays
    we’re all about the work-life balance
  • Regular company outings and events
    currently virtual during COVID
  • Wellness Wednesday events
    healthy teams are happy ones
  • Fun goodie boxes
    who doesn’t like surprises?
  • Creative, comfortable, and laid-back culture
    jeans always welcome
  • Free wellness coaching app
    to live your best life
  • Remote work options
    we help you set up your dream home office

Open Roles

We’re changing the way people invest for their futures - and having a great time while we’re at it. Browse our available job openings and come join in the fun.